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Poster: jay923 Date: May 30, 2004 3:41pm
Forum: etree Subject: Lets get some more bands!!!

Hey everyone,
I (like many of you) am a huge music fan and even though this site has so much to offer i'd love to see some more exciting bands up on the site.It would be great to have some drive by truckers, bad plus, mmw, mofro, North mississippi allstars, gomez, ect. So lets get out there and try to convert some bands,

p.s.I know the greatful dead are on the site so how come there's no dead, jerry garcua, ratdog, or phil lesh and friends?

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Poster: Jonathan Aizen Date: May 30, 2004 7:24pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

What would also be cool is to get some shows for the countless bands that have said "yes", but still have 0 shows hosted on the Archive.

There are 133 such bands, and they are (band name followed by activation date)

Lazy Porch Dogs  	Long, long ago

The Push Stars Long, long ago
Daybreak Long, long ago
Thad Cockrell Long, long ago
Old Union Long, long ago
The Ordinary Way Long, long ago
Burning River Band Long, long ago
Marlow Long, long ago
People Like Us December 05, 2002
Electric Magi December 17, 2002
Jam On White Bread December 26, 2002
Andrew Winn January 10, 2003
Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett Acoustic Duo January 13, 2003
Cornmeal January 13, 2003
big city orchestra January 18, 2003
Color Wheel February 10, 2003
Patricia Barber February 12, 2003
Tanglewood February 13, 2003
Ludowici February 20, 2003
Mike Holden February 20, 2003
Escape Goat April 02, 2003
Dave Barnes April 02, 2003
Zomo April 03, 2003
Bernie Worrell April 15, 2003
Boogiehawg April 16, 2003
Last Week April 21, 2003
One-Eyed Jack April 24, 2003
Infradig Ensemble April 24, 2003
The Lift April 28, 2003
Short of Glory May 05, 2003
Gregg's Eggs May 08, 2003
Taos Hum May 13, 2003
Cabaret Diosa May 21, 2003
Liza and the Soul Stars May 21, 2003
Blake and the Family Dog May 23, 2003
Del Vezeau May 29, 2003
Free Association May 29, 2003
Mortal Men June 04, 2003
Psychedelic Guitar Circus June 05, 2003
Arsenal of Xxplosion June 12, 2003
Whogasta June 13, 2003
Strike Anywhere June 18, 2003
Josh Woodward June 18, 2003
Mieka Pauley June 20, 2003
Swivel Hips Smith June 25, 2003
Mustard Plug June 25, 2003
Pepper July 01, 2003
The Sound of Urchin July 03, 2003
Zak Winnick October 10, 2003
Revision October 11, 2003
Tom Constanten October 13, 2003
Dose Hermanos October 14, 2003
Dave Kellan Band October 20, 2003
Stepanian October 28, 2003
Tsavo November 01, 2003
Tom Brosseau November 02, 2003
Giraffe November 03, 2003
The Curtain Society November 03, 2003
GADGETTO November 06, 2003
All Thumbs Trio November 06, 2003
Ha Ha the Moose November 06, 2003
Sub-Mersians November 10, 2003
The Shi-Tones November 10, 2003
Futuregrass November 18, 2003
Matt Maybanks November 21, 2003
Greener November 21, 2003
Michael John Mollo November 24, 2003
Buffalo Strange December 05, 2003
The Flo' December 09, 2003
Rich Whiteley Band December 09, 2003
Jason and Jane December 16, 2003
Sweating Honey December 17, 2003
Waterband December 17, 2003
Xenophilia December 27, 2003
Chameleon Project December 29, 2003
Cerulean City December 29, 2003
Sunship December 29, 2003
Lesley Pike January 01, 2004
Little Sara's Orchestra January 02, 2004
Kung Fu Hippies January 05, 2004
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy January 06, 2004
Lindsey Troy January 06, 2004
Erik Nelson January 07, 2004
Jyemo January 07, 2004
Enamor January 10, 2004
Hacha January 12, 2004
Damien Rice January 18, 2004
Six Second Yellow January 22, 2004
Hector the Hero January 22, 2004
The Bran Flakes February 03, 2004
Against Me! February 11, 2004
High on the Hog February 16, 2004
Down The Line February 16, 2004
Kerosene Brothers February 16, 2004
AJ Roach February 20, 2004
Jeffrey Foucault February 23, 2004
Second Sufis February 24, 2004
Dead Low Tide February 26, 2004
Cousin Fungus March 01, 2004
Freak Speely March 02, 2004
Radioactive March 04, 2004
Mr. Breakfast March 05, 2004
Lee Welch March 09, 2004
Canine March 10, 2004
Under New Ownership March 11, 2004
Not Hungry March 22, 2004
The Brakes April 01, 2004
Scott Clampett April 05, 2004
Carrier April 05, 2004
Tricycle Side Project April 05, 2004
Marko F├╝rstenberg April 15, 2004
Tom Kafafian April 15, 2004
Secret Government April 21, 2004
Fly.Man.Tell April 21, 2004
Everyone Orchestra April 21, 2004
Tiger Saw May 04, 2004
Tom Savage Explosion May 04, 2004
Contact May 05, 2004
Driver May 16, 2004
Kenin May 18, 2004
NBFB May 20, 2004
Go There. May 20, 2004
Rich Solis May 21, 2004
Rena Jones May 24, 2004
Ethan Miller May 24, 2004
Field Trip May 24, 2004
Meghan La Roque May 25, 2004
Love and Music Band May 26, 2004
Huck Freely May 30, 2004
The Grass Is Dead May 30, 2004
Billy Gilmore May 30, 2004
Robbie Schaefer May 30, 2004
Sens May 30, 2004

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Poster: brewster Date: May 30, 2004 9:28pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

To get a concert from those bands that have said yes, would it help if they sent a physical tape to someone that would go through the process of making an shn/flac show out of it?

If there are any takers on this, then we might be able to approach other communities that are less familiar with the largely jam-band tradition.


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Poster: Tyler Date: May 31, 2004 5:18am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

"would it help if they sent a physical tape to someone that would go through the process of making an shn/flac show out of it?"

I would think so. I'd be happy to volunteer to convert a tape if there was a live recording of one of the bands and make .shn and put it up for sharing.

I think some of these bands that have said okay just have very little or unmotivated taper communities. Hopefully they all show up someday ...

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Poster: brewster Date: May 31, 2004 8:11am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

Thank you, tyler, for volunteering. Maybe you (or if you prefer, we) could write to the band contacts and offer this service to them.

The first concert is the highest value to our users because it increases the breadth.

let me know if you would like to do this or let us.


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Poster: Tyler Date: May 31, 2004 9:59am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

hey brewster... though i'm happy to do the converting, contacting them probably would be a task someone else might want to tackle primarily. I'll still e-mail those I can, all of us should be CC'ing eao and a note in the band details page so we can keep track of it. I just know I'm pretty busy so i wouldn't depend on me to be the primary contacter of the bands.

And I agree, the first show is the more important, as it widens the number of bands involved. I do have some shows already waiting to be converted from some of those '0 shows' bands, so i'll get those up soon hopefully.

So when writing we're just focusing on what exactly?
-Inquiring if a show (if any) exists for that band
-If the band would care to have a archive curator (me) convert the show to a loss-less medium and prepare it for the archive
-Pass on the instructions to them on how to do that (send them my mailing addy, etc.)

what else should we focus on during these contacts? I do have a feeling though, on some of these bands, there exist very few or even 0 live reocrdings, and the contact e-mail is either defunct or they are non-responsive. I tried a similar 'contact the bands with 0 shows' thing last year and out of 20 bands contacted, I received 0 responses of any kind. Here's to hoping we get more of these bands rolling on the archive!

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Poster: FreakSpeely Date: Jun 5, 2005 4:47am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

Hey.. Jeremy, with Freak Speely here. I'd love to send some material to be converted. There is a guy that tapes our shows, and never seems to get the job done. Its sad when there are shows floating around, and I don't even get to hear them. My new email address is Someone contact me, and I'll see what I can do about getting something to be converted. Also, I tried once before and everything looked like it went ok, but it never showed up in the archive. Peace

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Poster: jay923 Date: May 31, 2004 3:52am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

I had no idea so many bands had no shows. it would be great to have some Damien rice, berrnie worrel, or any of those bands.

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Poster: JonReckers Date: Jun 1, 2004 5:22am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Lets get some more bands!!!

Damien Rice will not get any shows put up because of a terribly restrictive taping policy. Go to the groove if you want some D.R.